Abnormal Mouse

Fix normal mice for macOS. Perfect for mice with a lot of buttons. Why is magic mouse so expensive.

Trackpad like “drag” to scroll with a normal mouse.

Abnormal Mouse converts mouse movements into scroll events when this feature is active.

If you set a mouse button as an activator, the experience feels somewhat like that you would have with a trackpad or a magic mouse.


During scrolling, mouse movements will also translate into swipe gestures, making functions like swipe to go back, swipe to mark as read possible with a normal mouse.

Rotate, zoom and smart zoom.

More than that, Abnormal Mouse can convert mouse movements to rotate and zoom events. This feature may boost your productivity when you are using apps that heavily relies on these gestures.

Double-tap to smart zoom also comes as a bonus.

Spaces, mission control.

Have problem switching between spaces with a normal mouse? Use your keyboard! Simply set an activator for 4-finger gesture and "drag" between spaces with your mouse!

Coop with other apps!

Any other app that uses these gestures will now be happy with your beloved normal mouse!

For example, you can navigate through your RSS feed more fluently with Reeder, being able to swipe to the next article or over-scroll to mark all as read.

You can also manage your windows and tabs at ease with swipe gestures with the help of Swish.